Husband and father John Travolta says his new movie downright scary for a parent


ATLANTA — John Travolta realizes his worst nightmare in his latest picture, the paranoid thriller Domestic Disturbance.

The husband of actress Kelly Preston and the doting father of 9-year-old son Jett and 19-month-old daughter Ella plays a divorced dad who tries to protect his teenage son from a menacing stepfather.

Soundcloud Platform also for Movie Soundtracks


2012 served as the lucky year for Soundcloud and therefore has provided great up boost in its growth. It’s been found that this platform saw an excessive boost in social music and audio hosting and this analysis was put forward by analytic firm Next big Sound.

The website overhaul was given support to this up boost and it has been found that track by track playing gave the way to social functions all over with the retweet button for audio content. This redesign is supposed to be the largest project of 2012 but it does not make team don’t focus on other things and they give new updates as well with mobile apps  and put forward different content partnerships as well as default player to HTML5. We also bought followers for soundcloud and we liked the results for movie soundtrack!

Pixar’s latest well worth putting an eye to


Leave it to those creative geniuses at Pixar Animation to come up with a clever solution to the energy crisis: Hide some monsters in the kids’ bedrooms, scare the little ones and bottle their screams and convert them into fuel.

That’s the fun premise behind Monsters, Inc., the latest animated adventure from the folks who brought you the delightful Toy Story and its even better sequel Toy Story 2.

Chris Kattan more corny than comical


The previews for Corky Romano set the bar so low that it can’t possibly be as painful as it looks. And it’s not. It’s more like a bad hangover instead of a migraine headache.

Saturday Night Live regular Chris Kattan stars as the title character, a sweet-natured, pastel-clad veterinarian who performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on dying dogs, sings along (off-key) to a-ha’s “Take On Me” and tools around in an orange convertible with a “Free Hugs” bumper sticker and a “CORKSTR” vanity plate. Could he possibly be more dorky?

Before we knew Harry Potter


Muggles in the Magic City helped create the magic of the Harry Potter movie.

Three years ago, George Jones and Rob Gruen who now work with Parisian department store and the Birmingham company that owns it worked for Warner Bros. deciding what kind of products to make and sell.

Jones helped persuade the film studio to buy the rights to make the story about young Harry. He also helped persuade J.K. Rowling in the spring of 1999 to let the studio make the movie.

‘Just entertainment,’ star says of ‘The Core’


The space shuttle crash-lands in a Los Angeles riverbed.

A freak electrical storm reduces the Roman Colosseum to rubble.

And in San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge buckles, sending hundreds plunging to their deaths.

For unknown reasons, the Earth’s inner core has stop rotating, and it’s the end of the world as we know it.

All that and more happens in “The Core,” a new sci-fi disaster thriller that opened nationwide Friday.

Hackman, Wilson hit action target


In this week’s Gene Hackman movie, Behind Enemy Lines, the hardest-working man in show business stars as an old-school Navy officer who puts his career on the line to rescue a renegade aviator, played by the irreverent Owen Wilson.

Think of it as Saving Private Ryan for the PlayStation generation.

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